Winter Tips

With the the cold weather upon us, we generally think that gardening and lawn projects need not be taken up again until warm spring weather comes. However, although weekly mowing, weeding and watering can be put aside, there are still tasks that can be undertaken during this relatively dormant period which will lead to more successful spring & summer garden.

Winter is a good time for you to look at your overall landscaping and think about changes you may want to make. This is a time to prioritize. planning is key! Undertaking the trimming trees, tree felling, pruning shrubs, preparing flower and vegetable beds, and removing dead and overgrown plants. It is best to stand back and view a neat clean space to take on the next step.

Trimming trees and shrubs is a perfect project for the dormant winter months, especially if they have outgrown their space or have dead branches. Tree trimming can be a major project, depending on the size and location of the trees. You may need to enlist the aid of professionals who have the appropriate tools and expertise to do the job. Trimming shrubs, evergreens and deciduous trees is a more manageable job, leads to healthy new growth in the spring, and improves the overall look of your landscape.

Use this winter time to remove debris, debris from your gutters, check your drainage pipes, dead plants, leaves and unwanted weeds. Add nutrients to the soil with compost or fertilizer, clean up the edges of the garden beds, add edging to prevent grass intrusion, plant bulbs, and top with mulch.

Lawn maintenance may be less necessary than in the summer months, but mowing once a month will prevent most common winter weeds. Weeds will be more visible before mowing. Lower the level of the mower blade for scarifying, this helps prevent "thatching" which can lead to diseases and uneven surfaces. Fertilizing before the first freeze will help lawns by replacing nutrients lost from the soil during the hot summer months. Pre-emergent products applied in late winter or early spring also minimalize weeds.